Thursday, September 30, 2010

Brotherly Love for Arms

  Philadelphia fans all must think they have a great arm. Myself included. I mean, I can throw a 90 mph fastball and a little bitter my baseball career didn't take off. But thats neither here nor there. Philly fans are notorious for being rough, impossible to please, and demanding. In recent years, thankfully the Phillies have given the city of Brotherly Love something to actually cheer about. But lets take a brief history lesson on just a couple instances of Philly's love to "boo" and toss projectiles. 
Give Drew "THE BIRD" from the Dugout
  1. J.D. Drew - First of all, I hate this guy and have enjoyed booing him no matter what uniform he has worn. My sentiments are shared by my fellow Phillies brethren. Drew was drafted by the Phillies in the first round of the 1997 draft. He declined to sign because he did not want to play in Philly. He held out, and was eligible for the draft the next year, where he was drafted in the 1st round again by the St. Louis Cardinals. Poor decision. Drew made his first appearance for the Cardinals two years later, playing Right Field. He would soon make his start in Veterans Stadium, wearing the opposing uniform. Coincidentally, I think not, it was "Duracell Battery Night". Hmm..Philadelphia apparently had not forgotten being snubbed. Batteries rained from the right field seats like bullets from a machine gun being triggered by a madman. Drew ran for cover through the infield, attempting to reach the visitors dugout. Duracell missiles reached his coordinates with great precision with each lumbering step. It was so bad, the game was nearly forfeited by the Phillies because of their fans. There has not been a battery day since. A moment fans still chuckle about to this day. Drew has his lowest average in Philadelphia stadiums throughout his career.  

  2. Santa Claus - On December 15, 1968 it was the last game of a pitiful season for the Eagles. A Christmas halftime show was scheduled. The only problem, tons of snow was dumped on the city and stadium the night before. The field was torn and muddy from all the melted snow, preventing Santa's sleigh from coasting around the stadium like an ice skate..instead bogged in the mud. The original Santa bailed, thus leading to the replacement St Nick. A stumbling fool in a red getup made his way to midfield with his midget elves. Boos showered the pathetic fat man in the red suit. Then, a rogue snowball flew like a dove in the air right at the Impostor Claus, pelting him in the back. Santa shrugged it off and chuckled, the closest resemblance to the jovial bringer of gifts. This led to the onslaught of snow balls. No one was sparred, even the elves. Howard Cosell gave Philadelphia it's reputation we still hold to this day. The fans so nasty they'll even boo Santa Claus.

Even crack can't keep you awake now.
  3. Michael Irvin - Sunday, OCT 9 1999 - The Dallas Cowboys star coke head wide receiver lay motionless on the hard, unforgiving turf of Veteran's Stadium in Philadelphia. There was no movement for a good 10 minutes. With each minute that passed, the mocking cheers and boos rang louder and louder. The smiles and laughter grew when an ambulance was brought onto the field. Irvin was placed on a stretcher and carted off the field, still motionless. Cheers increased, not out of respect, out of pure hatred. Crushed up hotdog wrappers and beer cups were seen being thrown on the field in his direction. To this day I still hate Micheal Irvin, but perhaps a slight line was crossed. "Unspeakable, even for us," proclaimed a headline in the Philadelphia Daily News. Debatable...

You can't hide this Sunday.
 The list goes on and on. Now two notorious arms will do battle on Sunday in Philly. One right handed, Donovan McNabb. The former star QB kicked to the curb after 11 years of a near Hall of Fame career. Since day one he was booed. Fans wanted the pot smokin' Rickey Williams instead. Hmm... McNabb comes back to town wearing the hated Redskins uniform, a bitter division rival. Donovan could never carry the Eagles to the mountain top and finally bring the Super Bowl trophy to the hungry blue collar town. Despite his 5 probowls, 5 NFC championship appearances in 11 years, and one Super Bowl loss, Eagle fans never thought of him as a good quarterback. Any other city would embrace McNabb. He is a great person, never said anything wrong, and tried extremely hard to embrace this city, but never truly got the brotherly love back. Expect a mix reaction of cheers and boos, and even more boos if McNabb performs well during the regular seasons most anticipated game in recent memory.
Currently highest rated passer in NFC
  Then there is the Left. Michael Vick. The Dogcatcher. A man who was in jail two years ago, coming back to the league with no suitors. The Eagles took a chance on the lefty, thanks mostly in part to ironically McNabb. McNabb felt he is the leader of the black quarterbacks in the league today, and saw the opportunity to mentor the talented Vick. In a span of two and a half games, Vick has taken the league by storm in his second year back, and first year starting. The city has embraced him as the teams savior already. McNabb struggled to simply gain a small ounce of respect in his 11 years! His talents boasted, already claiming he is a far better the previous McNabb. I laugh at this notion, but it is truly how the people of Philadelphia feel. I just hope Vick and the Eagles show up on Sunday, otherwise McNabb and the hated "deadskins" will have the last laugh. 
..... Eagles 27 - Skins 16....FLY EAGLES FLY!

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