Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Where I come from, I just don't come from.

Where to start? I guess the gloomy part of my existence starts with a simple question: -  "Hey, where are you from?"
I think I have answered this question 10 plus different ways in my life.
  - "Philly!" (I roll with this the most, when really I have no reason)
 - "Ah, well I was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia.." (this is true)
 - "Oh, I went to High School in San Diego. And my folks still live there." (this is also true)
 - "L.A., holmes!" (I don't really say that..unless I'm hammered making fun of vato locos)
 - "Hawaii. you like scrap?..yeah" (learn pigeon..most under appreciated language today)
 - "My dad works at the Pentagon. We are from outside of Baltimore" (Not Baltimore, but Columbia. The first planned community in America. KNOW IT!)
  ....It goes on and on. .


    Birth: Virginia Beach General; June 2 1984. What a day. Anyways..I don't know anything about my first two years of existence. All I know is we lived in this townhouse, which at the time was in a "great little community" as my mother likes to say. We all know what that means. Not so great anymore. And by that we mean it got a little darker, and we aren't talking about thunderstorms.
  2-5 : Japan. The first memories: I spoke Japanese, but purely curse words I learned from my best friend who spoke no English. I didn't live on the base the entire time, so my parents always like to share how cultured they are because of this experience. To give them credit, we did participate in a lot of ceremonies, see most of the entire country and wear kimonos whenever we wanted.
 Things I remember from Japan:
1. Falling in love with Ninja Turtles
2. Snow piles at least 12 feet outside my window
3. Riding my bad ass pedaled car around the block. It was yellow with black handles on either side to steer. Some may call this the original "Tokyo Drift". And I was damn good.
4. My Siberian husky pulling me on a sled through the snow. Legit.
5. Stepping in my dogs shit in the house..and slipping on the hardwood floor.. Then climbing into my parents bed.
6. My dog chasing me around the coffee table, causing me to trip, bash my head on the corner and receive 7 stitches.
7. Green soda and ramen.
8. Prayer circle for me in pre-school because of my mouth. I said "shit" outloud in class. In English. Some prick squirted grape juice on my brand new white sweatshirt. Apparently those are the "devil's words" and they weren't welcome in a 5 year olds classroom.
9. My sister entering the picture.
10. Leaving Japan in a Air Force cargo plane. The kind that transports tanks and other huge things. No seats. We sat in cargo nets that ran length wise along the side of the plane. 10 plus hours.

The Family. Being ethnic.
The rest....To be continued..

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  1. We really liked number 8, it had me laughing outloud for sure!